Timetable for Grinds and Subjects 2020-2021

These subjects are taught as full subjects in one year, ideal for students who want to study a subject outside of school or for those looking for a private education, from a professional, private school teacher in their chosen subject.

At least one class from each subject is available for students to attend every week. The other classes are recorded and available to the students to view in their own time.

Some subjects, (Applied Maths, Physics, Ag Science) are available for all students to attend all classes. We charge €25 per week for each subject. It would cost exactly the same for a “normal” group grind of one hour per week in each subject.

“Ordinary” grinds classes (1 grind per week) can be organised for interested groups. 1-to-1 grinds available in all subjects. Just ask.

Further explanations of our method and pricing can be found below.

5th Year Timetable for Group Classes

Agricultural Economics      
Agricultural Science  16:30-17:3017:30-18:30  
Applied Maths 19:00-20:00   12:15-13:10
Biology 17:30-18:3011:15-13:10   
Business Studies14:00-16:00   17:30-18:30 
Chemistry  15:00-16:0019:00-20:0015:00-16:00 
Economics  14:00-16:00 16:30-17:30 
English HL11:15-12:15 16:30-17:30   
English OL      
French   12:15-13:10 and 14:00-15:00 and 17:30-18:30  
German  12:15-13:10 and 14:00-15:00 and 17:30-18:30  
Homework and Study      
Irish HL  17:30-18:3014:00-15:00  
Irish OL      
Maths HL12:15-13:10 19:00-20:00 16:30-17:30 
Maths OL17:30-18:3016:30-17:30  15:00-16:00 
Physics     10:00-12:00
Spanish   12:15-13:10 and 14:00-15:00 and 17:30-18:30  

6th Year Timetable for Group Classes

Agricultural Economics      
Agricultural Science  17:30-18:30 11:15-13:10 
Applied Maths19:00-20:00    16:30-18:30
Biology 17:30-18:3011:15-13:10   
Business Studies14:00-16:00   17:30-18:30 
Chemistry  15:00-16:0019:00-20:0015:00-16:00 
Economics  14:00-16:00 16:30-17:30 
English HL12:15-13:10 17:30-18:3011:15-12:15  
English OL      
French  12:15-13:10 and 14:00-15:00 and 17:30-18:30  
German  12:15-13:10 and 14:00-15:00 and 17:30-18:30  
Homework and Study      
Irish HL  16:30-17:3015:00-16:00 and 16:30-17:30  
Irish OL      
Maths HL11:15-12:15 and 16:30-17:3017:30-18:30  14:00-15:00 
Maths OL17:30-18:3016:30-17:30  15:00-16:00 
Physics    17:30-18:3014:00-16:00
Spanish   12:15-13:10 and 14:00-15:00 and 17:30-18:30  

Scotia Academy Grinds Service


Leaving Certificate Students

  • All outside students will be able to achieve a full private education in their chosen subjects. For 6th Year students, this means they will get 3 hours of grinds per week (4 in Maths) for their weekly fee.
  • The fee is a very affordable €25 per week per subject, paid as 4 instalments of €250 every 10 weeks.  
  • All outside students will have access to the very same classes as our private day students.
  • At least one of these classes will be held after normal school each week. This means they will have access to, or in-class time with, their teacher at least once per week.
  • They will be given the same homework as our private students and their homework will be marked by the teacher.  
  • Our daytime classes in these subjects will be recorded live and available for grinds students that same day. They will have access to these recordings for the duration of their enrolment.
  • We offer over 20 different fully taught subjects presently and want to expand these to include many more (see below for details of our subjects).
  • We will fully teach each subject to the highest level, using teachers with years of experience in providing grinds and private education.
  • We can provide an exam centre for students who need one.
  • No one need attend our premises for any class. Our service can be achieved remotely and students need never miss a lesson, as everything is recorded for them.
  • We teach intensively. For 6th Years, we teach the whole two year Leaving Certificate Course, covering every topic, in one year.
  • We will not be affected by any potential further lockdown or quarantine. Students do not have to be physically present to get their full education in every subject. Neither, for that matter, does the teacher.
  • Each teacher will post a sample class for students to check out before they decide to join the Scotia Academy. These will be available soon.
  • Each student will have access to over 100 hours of lecture material for their study periods at the end of the year and expert notes to guide them through each class.

Subject Choices September 2020:

Maths HLMaths OLApplied MathsPhysics
ChemistryBiologyBusiness StudiesAccounting
EconomicsAgricultural ScienceEnglish HLEnglish OL
Irish HLIrish OLFrenchGerman

Possible additions this year include Art, DCG, Italian, and Agricultural Economics, if enough interest exists. Groups of 6 or more can be facilitated for these. 

Scotia Academy Full-Time Programme


Leaving Certificate Students

  • Choose from up to 23 subjects with us.
  • Face-to-Face time and personal attention from each teacher, for each class.
  • Professional experienced teachers.
  • Full day-school service with extras including:
  • 2 hours of daily Supervised Homework and Study classes. These times have been chosen so that when the students go home, they are finished their work. They will have had a long day with us. This time will also be used for students to catch up with any recorded classes they may have missed.
  • Saturday Supervised Study included in fees. This is available from 11:15-18:30 every Saturday, with time for lunch and breaks included.
  • All Easter Revision Courses included in fees.
  • All other special Day Courses covered by fees.
  • Massive flexibility in attendance. We encourage all students to attend all day, every day, but sometimes this is not possible. If you can only get a drive home at 4 o’clock, we take a half-hour break at that time, and you can continue your school day online, once you get home. We will be taking attendance at each class.
  • The academic part of the day does not start until 11:15 each day. If you prefer to study at home, then you are not required to attend the 9-11 study and homework sessions, subject to prior consent.
  • Our Official School Day will be from 9:00-6:30 Monday to Friday.
  • The School will be open at 8:30 each morning.
  • Choice of up to 23 subjects (see below). (Some subjects may require an additional fee and will be delivered on a 1-to-1 grind basis**)

6th Year Subject Choices

Maths HLMaths OLApplied MathsPhysics
ChemistryBiologyBusiness StudiesAccounting
EconomicsAgricultural ScienceEnglish HLEnglish OL
Irish HLIrish OLFrenchGerman

** Other subjects that can be arranged for 1-to-1 classes this year are; Art, Agricultural Economics, DCG, Italian, ask.

Information for Parents


Full-Time Students

Scotia Academy Fees:                                                                              €5,400 per year

Schedule:                 Due                                                                            Amount

Registration Fee:   Before September 14th 2020                              €1,350
Payment 2:              On or before November 16th 2020                    €1,350
Payment 3:              On or before January 25th 2020                         €1.350
Final Payment:       On or before March 29th 2020                           €1,350

  • Private day students save €2,600 per year on fees for their 8 chosen subject choices.
  • Private day students save €1,400 per year on Supervised Study.
  • Private day students avail of a saving of up to €900 on our Easter Revision Courses.
  • Massive Flexibility with on-site attendance.
  • Students never miss a class.
  • Regular Tests in all subjects.
  • Our Learning Management system is used by over 60% of the world’s Universities. Our integrated online classroom software uses the very latest in technology to make the learning experience as interactive as possible.
  • Students will be encouraged to use this system as much as possible. They should bring their laptop, tablet or phone to school.
  • Public Health and Social Distancing will be strictly adhered to in the classes. Every desk will have to be cleaned by each student after each class. Masks will be required in class, while necessary. We will adhere to all current public health advice. We are extremely well prepared for the possibility of another lockdown. If it happens, the transition will be seamless.

Scotia Academy

Group and

1 -to-1 Grinds

  • A Timetable for our other grinds can be found below.
  • Junior Cert grinds will be available in most subjects.
  • They will take place after 4:30 each day.
  • Junior Cert students will get one group grind per week for €25. You must commit to 10 weeks. If you are not happy at that stage, you can choose not to renew. We charge four payment terms per year. We require the full ten-week “term” payment in advance. The payment schedule is printed below.
  • Each Teacher will be asked to provide a one-hour sample class to show how they work. You can watch this before you choose to commit to joining the group or class.
  • The same blended learning methods will be used in these classes as all our regular classes. All of these classes will also be livestreamed to students who can’t attend the building.
  • Classes will be limited to 12 students, except in rare cases.
  • Students who choose to learn remotely can ask questions anonymously via the app or their computer. Of course, they can also talk to the teacher if they need to.
  • Our app can be downloaded onto your phone. You can do your grinds on your phone. You can even upload a picture of your homework in the app straight from your phone.
  • The way we teach means that the teacher need not be present with the student, so we can provide the best teachers in the country to teach. We aim to offer a variety of subject choices not available locally including Polish, Russian, Agricultural Economics, Italian, DCG, or even Ancient Greek, if we can source a suitable teacher.
  • We need a minimum group of 6 in order to seek out teachers for some subjects.
  • One-to-One grinds can be arranged for those who prefer this option. These will cost €40 per hour.
  • Blended learning is the future. Over 60% of the world’s universities use our Learning Management System, so your student will be well used to the new way of learning by the time they get there. We make it interactive and creative. PowerPoint Slides, YouTube videos, Screen Sharing, Interactive Blackboards, Notes and File Sharing, all help in achieving a happy and engaged room.
  • The system we use works if you want it to. You will have access to a library of notes and lectures as revision material. You can pause, rewind and re-watch classes on difficult topics.
  • Exam Question practice is a regular part of our grinds service.

Payment Schedule for

Grinds/Outside Subjects*

*Pre-existing arrangements are not affected.

Schedule                                          Date Due                                          Amount Due

Term 1 (10 weeks)                         On or before 14th September      €250

Term 2 (10 weeks)                          On or before 23rd November       €250

Term 3 (10 weeks)                          On or before 25th January            €250

Term 4 (10 weeks)                          On or before 5th April                   €250

Just to explain what this means. This is the cost for our service for the academic year. It is split into 4 equal payments, equally spaced. The pricing structure does not change, if, for example, Easter Holidays fall in a ten week period and you only receive 8 grinds for your ten weeks. That is true. You are right but the cost covers that. These are financial terms, not academic terms. You are signing up for the year, with three “outs”. Each subject costs €1,000 per Academic Year (40 weeks), split into 4 equal payments, rather than 3 unequal academic terms. This is why we do it this way.

Our School Calendar for 2020/21 Academic Year is

shown below.

Monday September 14th                                                              School Opens

Saturday October 23rd                                                                  School Closes

Sunday October 24th to Sunday October 31st                         Mid-Term Break

Monday November 1st                                                                  School Opens

Tuesday December 22nd                                                               School Closes

Wednesday December 23rd to Tuesday 5th January              Christmas Holidays

Monday 28th December to Saturday 2nd January                  Christmas Programme

Wednesday 6th January                                                                School Re-Opens

Wednesday 17th February                                                            School Closes

Thursday 18th February to Sunday 21st February                   Mid-Term Break

Monday 22nd February                                                                  School Re-Opens

Wednesday 17th March                                                                School Closed

Saturday 27th March                                                                      School Closes

Sunday 28th March to Sunday 11th April                                  Easter Break

Monday 29th March to Saturday 10th April                             Easter Programme

Monday 12th April                                                                          School Re-Opens

Monday 3rd May                                                                             School Closed

Saturday 5th June                                                                            School Closes

Wednesday 9th June                                                                      Leaving Cert Starts

We will be closed on all Public and Bank Holidays.

Scotia Academy

University and College

Grinds Service

  • College and University grinds available across a variety of subjects and modules
  • Cost €50 per hour

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