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      blankPatrick Hurley

      By offering grinds or courses here, you are agreeing to use Scotia Academy’s secure and safe software to deliver that service. A full explanation of this can be found here.

      It’s free to advertise. Prices are pre-agreed. No negotiation.

      Costs for grinds to all potential students are fixed at the following rates. There is no negotiation allowed.

      A one-hour, 1-to-1 Second Level Grind costs €40. They can be booked here.
      A one-hour group session of four or more students up to a maximum of 12 costs €25 per person. They can be organised in the forum but must take place completely online on our software.
      A one-hour college level grind costs €50. They can be booked here.
      Special prices can be arranged for special courses like topic revision courses or intensive subject revision courses. For more information go here.

      For grinds organised in accordance with our guidelines, we will provide a fully serviced and easy to use online portal to deliver the classes. We will administer the classes on our Learning Management System and provide the gateway of communication between tutors and students. This will allow the tutor to just focus on their teaching and not having to worry about collecting money or any other class administration issues.

      Tutors are more than welcome to use our system as a way of delivering their services. We invite you to join us at Scotia. Try out our explainer video here to see how easy it is to use.

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Forums Grinds Grinds and Courses Offered Important: Read before posting

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